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Contact details:

+65 8284 0025

I'm Shane.

PSL​E Science Specialist

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Published PSLE Science Ultimate Guidebook, ​OEQ’s Answering Technique Guidebook and ​Concept Recall Worksheets.

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10+ years teaching PSLE SCIENCE.

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Having track records of helping students to see ​im​provements in OEQs

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Taught students from top schools such as ​Aitong, Raffles, Nanyang and many​ more

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More than hundreds of students taught ​and managed to excel during PSLE.

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More than thousands of resources sold

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Is attending our online lessons effective
  1. Bite-Sized, Well-Organized Lessons: Concise and Interesting!
    • Mr. Shane breaks down each lesson into manageable segments.
    • Each session starts with a recap of the previous lesson and ends with a ​summary.
  2. Convenient Revision Tools: Revise Anytime and Anywhere!
    • Highlights from the lessons are provided for easy on-the-go revision.
    • Access past videos anytime for revision and recap, ensuring you never miss ​out on important information.
  3. Comfortable Learning Environment: Save time from travelling!
    • Learn from the comfort of your own home, saving travel time.
    • Create a personalized, distraction-free learning space that suits your needs.

Students are encouraged to join ​multiple lessons of the same level ​whenever they’re free or feel like ​reinforcing the topic learnt

Could you provide more information on the lessons
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Colorful notes, ​science keywords, ​and answering ​techniques guides ​av​ailable

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Practice paper ​with questions ​from top schools: ​Being relevant to ​the syllabus !!

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Practice paper ​scanned will be ​marked and ​returned.

Fees structure

$120 per month for 4 lessons (1 hour per lesson / ​$30 per lesson)

  • Yes, each lesson is 1 hour per week. We value our students' time and maximize learning with​in that hour by delivering top-quality lessons covering the syllabus. Tutees are always welcome to join additi​onal lessons of the same level to reinforce their understanding at no extra cost. REFER TO TH​E​ SCHEDULE HERE

For months with 5 weeks, the last week wil​l be a holiday.

Fees to be paid during the 1st week​ ​of that month.


Joins in the middle of the Month

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If 1 out of the 4 lessons remain for that month, ​the parent will only have to pay 1 lesson.

1 lesson x $30 = $30 (nett, no additional ​payment)

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No Hidden Fees.

No Admin Fees.

No Registration Fees.

No Material Fees.

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Softcopy materials ​such as notes and ​worksheet will be ​provided monthly for ​parents to print out.

Testimonials from Parents

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